by Guiltfeeder

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Recorded 2016. "The whole of the law" written & performed by Guiltfeeder, "House of leaves" written & recorded by Sarin


released May 31, 2017



all rights reserved


Guiltfeeder Toronto, Ontario

We are Guiltfeeder

Dylan Daquano- Bass
Jay Doriat- Drums
Mike Shepherd- Guitar
Pat Sparrow- Vocal

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Track Name: Golden Ape
You think you're better than them, you're too afraid to understand.
Ape shall not kill ape, ape shall not trust man. Cut through the fur and skin, the muscle and marrow, all hail the god ape, the king the pharaoh. Screams and gnashing teeth, writing hide of the fetid beast. All hail the king, and rise up to sing.

Man lives off the corpse of the old world.
Apes look to future, apes look to past.
The dawn of a new world, a new sun rises over the corpse of the dead earth.
All that's wrong will be done again, the common stupidity and error of man all the more horrifying knowing that it's common, everything good will be undone.

You think you're better than them, too afraid to understand. Ape shall not kill ape, ape shall not trust man.
Track Name: The Whole Of The Law
Do you want to live through me, do you want to live deliciously. Cloven hoofed savior wont you light my way in the dark. Do what thou will is the only rule, for it is the whole of the law and all there is still.

In a world of snake oils and all this false magic, I hold my totem as a belief in me and that everything else is really nothing. Do not bleed for me, just do as thou wilt, do not knee before me, just do as thou wilt.

Believe in you and don't believe in me, just save yourself from a world that's crucifying.